Cigars on the Golf Course

What cigars are best suited to enjoy on the golf course?

Cigars and golf can be a perfect match, and many of us have specific preferences for which premiums to take to the links. I prefer a larger cigar with a medium to strong body.  You may want to pair your cigar with what you will be drinking. You may have a particular golfing beer you like and will want a smoke that pairs well with that. We will have an article soon about pairings. Trust me,  it will go deeper than just a few beers. Anyway,  you want enough flavor to keep your interest while not distracting from the task at hand (because seriously, who can afford distractions). A larger cigar tends to stand up better to relights than smaller cigars like robustos or coronas. And there will be relights.

La Perla Habana Black Pearl Oro  and 5 Vegas Gold Churchills are great choices, and they’re affordable enough to hand out to your golf buddies or lose one in the rough.

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