Five Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Five Gifts for the Cigar Lover

Not sure what to get the cigar lover in your life for Christmas? (Or any holiday, or just ’cause you love him-or her). We’ve come up with five gift suggestions in no particular order of awesomeness.

#5. Cigar Cutter (No more Clipping Cigars with his Teeth):

Not that long ago there were not many well-conceived alternatives to removing cigar tips with your teeth. Cheap cigar cutters were wobbly, dull and boring,  and expensive cigar cutters were — well, wobbly, dull and boring. So a couple of guys got together to make a cigar cutter that was sturdy, long-lasting, good looking, and was sharp enough to impress the Spanish Inquisition’s guillotine squad. The result was the Xikar cigar cutter, now a market leader in the industry.

#4. A Desktop Humidor (Get the Stogies out of the Fridge):

Most of us don’t need a hutch-style humidor the size of a closet that includes a portal to other worlds. We just want our cigars to last and maybe have something attractive on our desk. Good quality desktop humidors are easier to find than ever, and you can purchase a beautifully polished humidor and have it shipped right to your home. Here is a great desktop humidor you can have for around a hundred bucks. Of course you could go cheaper, or if you actually do need a hutch-style humidor the size of a closet, these are available. If you’re looking to knock one out of the park,, this is the gift to do it.

#3. How About a Cool Ashtray ( Throw Away the Empty Beer Can):

Well, things are looking up. Why? Because cigar ashtrays are no longer drab and hum-drum. You can find  cigar ashtrays   in many styles to fit any decor. Like humidors, some look like furniture and can accent any room you display it in. You can even get a humidor, ashtray combo. The only hard part is deciding which one to get.

#2. Don’t Know Fine Cigars? Buy Him a Cigar Sampler:

This is a no-brainer. You can get five, six, eight, ten… I could go on but you get my point. You can even get a sample of one.  There are samples of various brands and ratings. You can get a sample of all the same brand. There are samples for beginners. Almost any configuration you can think of, you can get. Can’t decide which Sampler to get? That’s simple, buy several. 

God, I love solving problems

#1. Give Him a Nice Lighter:

Honestly, is a man even completely dressed if he not “packing” a nice lighter. In fact, my grandmother used to say: “a man is not dressed if he doesn’t have a pen, a knife, and a lighter“.  And, lucky you, there’s  such a great selection to choose from. Just like humidors and ash trays, lighters can be part of the furniture. Or you can buy a nice torch to slip in your pocket.

Want to get really creative, buy a nice box of cedar spills. He can fire up the old fashioned way.

Now that you have this cache of wonderful ideas, you can explore the joy of any special occasion with your favorite loved one.



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