How To Preserve A Partially Smoked Stogie

Do not put a partially smoked cigar back into your humidor!

Cut it.

Cut the cigar about a half-inch or so behind the ash line on the foot, some call it the boot. (that’s the end you light).

Wrap it


Your cigar is now in isolation. It cannot be allowed to infect your other cigars. Just put it back in the wrapper, if you still have it, or put it in some plastic.

It doesn’t have to be air tight. Just get some minimal protection going. If you really want to go all out, you can store it in an air-tight tube or container. I have wrapped in Saran wrap and Ziploc bags. Whatever you have.

When ready to smoke, clear it out.
Hold your torch to the foot and blow out as you light it. This will expunge some of the nastiness.

How long will this be good for?

Probably 24 to 48 hours at most.Your cigar should probably be smoked within the next day or two, for best results. It won’t be bad,  but quality may really drop off after that. And if you’re not enjoying it, just toss it (responsibly of course). Don’t let the cost of a wasted stogie cause you to have a miserable smoke. Besides, its not even a whole cigar.

Or… Buy a Cigar Saver.

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