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Tatuaje Tattoo

My guy-by now you know I have this guy, doesn’t everyone-thought I might like these. He kinda knows his stuff so I bought a hand full in various sizes. By a hand full, I mean a half dozen. Around here (not just my favorite local shop) cigar shops give you a discount if you buy at least five. I’m cheap and I know they won’t get wasted so I usually buy at least  five or six.

By the way, I’ll do a whole article (at least one, maybe more) about having someone who is knowledgeable helping you pick cigars and accessories. My guy (hate to wear out that phrase (hate to keep using parentheses, too)), has been very helpful in selecting a cutter, a torch lighter and humidor. Actually, his advice about getting a humidor was: don’t. More on that later

Now to the review


Medium in body and suitable for a whole slew of palates, it includes notes of cocoa and a light sweetness that is balanced with a hint of spice.

The truth

I don’t always get the same flavor sensations as the ‘professional’ reviewers. However, on these I did. Maybe I’m getting better at this. You get a sense of the spice as soon as you put the stogie in your mouth, before you even fire it up. While smoking, I even got the notes of cocoa and sweetness. It was a pretty good smoke. It’s a medium body and it burns smooth and even. I will note that a couple had stems which are a little annoying. One was poking out right near the head. Another had a stem in the filler at the foot. Maybe there were more that I just didn’t see. I actually pulled the one out through the side near the head. Funny thing though, besides being annoying they didn’t seem to affect the burn or draw.


Annoying stems not withstanding, I enjoyed smoking the Tattoos. I have my favorites and a lot more to try, but I would definitely smoke these again. I might try to pick some with no sticks poking through the side though.



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