To Punch or To Cut (Why and How)

To Each His Own

Spoiler alert: I prefer the punch.

In the video below, you will see how to use a punch and a guillotine cutter. I personally prefer the punch because I find it to be more precise. Also, if you need more flow, you can enlarge the hole by “punching” just a little around the perimeter of the original hole. The punch is smaller and can usually be clipped to a key chain or belt loop, etc… so you always have it readily available.

Some women I’ve  spoken to prefer cigar scissors. You don’t have to be a woman, of course. But these are good for people with smaller fingers. You’ll notice with the cutters you have to have some reach between your finger and thumb. These cigar scissors work just like a regular set.

Check out this video I found. It may be helpful.

FYI: This is not my video.

I lifted this from YouTube. I am not affiliated with this person or his company (ie…I don’t get paid to promote him. Nor do I pay him). You can still check out his web site. What could it hurt?


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