What Celebrities Smoke…If You Care

If you’re interested, I’ve found a few celebrities who smoke cigars and their purported favorite. These may or may not be accurate. The information comes from various sources (trade mags, hearsay, anonymous sources, etc…) Take it as you will.

Fidel Castro: Cohiba. I don’t think he still smokes these.

Jack Nicholson: Montecristo, Romeo Y Julieta, Cohiba robusto

Jim Belushi: Fuente Gran Reserva

Tom Selleck: La Gloria Cubana, Davidof

Sylvester Stallone: Fuente Fuente Opus X

Kid Rock: Tatuaje 30th Anniversary (limited edition)

Demi Moore: Montecristo No2

Maybe some of these are your favorites as well. If not, expand your horizons. Try one or all of them. You may find a new fav.

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